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Today, Chemnitz is once again a competitive centre of technology. In terms of the increase of the number of people working in research and technology, the city is ranked at the very top within Germany.

Fraunhofer Institute (IWU) / Photo: Dirk HanusFraunhofer Institute (IWU)
Photo: Dirk Hanus

Patent density is far above the national average. This is due in part to the city's 50 research and development institutions and its powerful higher education landscape. The Chemnitz University of Technology and institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institutes for Machine Tools and Forming (IWU) and for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), the Saxony Institute for Textiles and Research, and the Microtechnology Centre satisfy the demand for specialists and executives and ensure a steady supply of fresh, competitive ideas for companies located in Chemnitz.


Chemnitz Technology Centre (TCC)Chemnitz Technology Centre (TCC)

The Chemnitz Technology Centre (TCC) offers 12,500 m2 of rentable commercial space at three locations on Bernsdorfer Straße, Annaberger Straße and in the so-called Start-Up Building.
The Start-Up Building in Chemnitz was opened in June 2009 as a new home for technology-oriented start-up companies.
Located in the midst of the new Smart Systems Campus, and thus in close proximity to the Chemnitz University of Technology, to the Fraunhofer Institutes and to growth-oriented companies in the microsystems technologies field, the Start-Up Building offers new companies excellent conditions to prepare for their own market entry.

Chemnitz and the surrounding Erz Mountains are the most start-up friendly region in Eastern Germany (2007 start-up ranking by the New Social Market Economy Initiative). Chemnitz regularly scores among the top cities in administration surveys on start-up and entrepreneurial friendliness.

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