Sport in Chemnitz

Aljona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy / Photo: Andreas Seidel Aljona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy
Photo: Andreas Seidel

Chemnitz is also well known in the world thanks to the many famous sportsmen and women. Katarina Witt, Gabi Seifert, Jan Hofmann as well as Aljona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy (figure skating), discus thrower Lars Riedel, the swimmer Stev Theloke as well as Stefan Bötticher, Joachim Eilers, Michael Hübner and Jens Fiedler (cycling) represent the many excellent sportsmen and women who have achieved titles and medals in the international arena.

Since gaining their first medal in 1963, the sportsmen and women from our city have gained 662 medals at Olympic Games, World and European championships.

Unlike most other cities in Germany, Chemnitz is rich in Olympic tradition. Chemnitz's sportsmen and women to date have won 27 gold, 33 silver and 29 bronze medals at Olympic Games.

The competitive sports in Chemnitz, in addition to a compulsive tradition, also have a solid basis across all sports. There are more than 33,850 members, among them 10,150 children and teenagers, in Chemnitz sports clubs. The people of Chemnitz can follow their sporting ambitions in more than 200 sports clubs and choose from more than 70 different kinds of sport. The variety of sports on offer ranges from angling to water polo.

In the sport of volleyball, the players of the female team of the "Chemnitzer Polizeisportvereins" (Chemnitz police sports club) succeeded in being promoted to the first Bundesliga (German national league) in 2008.

The female team of the "Chemcats" (basketball) continue to play in the first Bundesliga and the male team of the "BV TU Chemnitz 99" in the Pro-A-Liga.

Of course the sport of football is also in demand in Chemnitz: The club colours of the Chemnitzer Fußball Clubs - CFC (Chemnitz football club) are sky blue and white. Chemnitzer FC is playing in the 3. Bundesliga.


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