Facets of a Charming City

Chemnitz is an attractive city which pleases the eye. At first sight its "face" is perhaps a little bit austere, but then it becomes more and more friendly. Chemnitz offers many things that are worth to be discovered not only by tourists, but also by business persons and also by long-time inhabitants.

We want to invite you on a trip through our city, but not by following the "official" sight-seeing paths, but as a normal citizen. Come and discover new facets of the city every day life. We hope we could arouse your curiosity.

Come and get an idea what Chemnitz is about by watching the pictures in these pages.

You will see Chemnitz’s charm is evolving and becoming really pleasant.

Chemnitz gets the history prize

Chemnitz is the "History city of the Reunification". The prize was awarded by History Channel GmbH Munich on 7. October 2005. Chemnitz had attended a city competition on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Reunification. It could prevail successfully against e.g. Berlin, Eisenach, Erfurt, Plauen and Weimar from 60 competitors.

The prize is awarded to cities that have been changed in a special way from 15 years.

"The city got the prize mainly because of its unique marketing and identity problems after it got another name in 1990. Also very important for the assessment was the change of the inner city from a socialistic to an urban city as well as the coping with the change of the structure since 1990. A cultural fact has been the efforts for the Jewish congregation since 1994. The congregation got a new building in 2002, the first new synagogue -besides Berlin- in East Germany. You can say that the critic and positive representation during 15 years played a very important role."

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