Welcome to Chemnitz!

Welcome to our city, welcome to the "City of Modernism". We invite you to join us for a virtual voyage of discovery through a city whose face has changed in recent years. Where grey concrete dominated the landscape just over two decades ago, renowned architects such as Hans Kollhoff, Helmut Jahn and Christoph Ingenhoven have designed and built a new city centre. Today, Chemnitz has an urban core that attracts many people.   moremehr


Facets of a Charming City

Karl Marx Monument / Photo: Ulf Dahl

Chemnitz is an attractive city which pleases the eye. At first sight its "face" is perhaps a little bit austere, but then it becomes more and more friendly. Chemnitz offers many things that are worth discovering, not only by tourists, but also by business people and long-time inhabitants.  moremehr


Youth an Education

Technical University / Photo: Dirk Hanus

Chemnitz is a very child- and family-friendly city. In addition to numerous day care centres and schools Chemnitz also has a technical university with more than 10,000 students, including over 700 international students.  moremehr


Economy and Science

Fraunhofer institute / Photo: Ulf Dahl

The third-largest city in Saxony constitutes one of Germany's foremost industrial and technology centres. New companies, especially in the areas of toolmaking, textiles, automotive engineering and machine building, have been formed here and are exporting goods all over the world.  moremehr


Culture, Tourism and Sports

Opera house & The Chemnitz Art Collections / Photo: Rosenkranz

Chemnitz boasts a large number of cultural institutions, including the Opera House with its highly successful productions, the Chemnitz Art Collections, and the Gunzenhauser Museum.  moremehr


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