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Administration Hotline 115

Administration Hotline 115

The direct line to the city administration is 115. This phone number offers residents uniform, simplified and friendly contact with the administration. Which concrete office or which administrative level is responsible for the particular matter plays no role here.

Please use this number first when you need to deal with the administration – or simply contact 115 by e-mail.


Public Services Office of the City of Chemnitz

The Public Services Office of the City of Chemnitz can be contacted by phone at +49 (0)371 488-1554 or by e-mail.  


Questions about what is on offer online

The information provided by the city of Chemnitz answers numerous questions and you can access them both by topic or using the search function. If you require more information you or if you have questions or suggestions, you can contact us directly.


The City of Chemnitz is also present on social networks.

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