City of Chemnitz departments can be contacted by phone or email

Town Halls and Citizens' Service Points (Bürgerservicestellen) are closed

Currently you are not able to visit Town Halls or Citizens' Service Points until further notice.

Citizens will still be able to contact the City of Chemnitz departments they need by phone or email.

Applications, including for financial support, can be placed in the mailboxes in any administrative building and will then be processed.

You can download application forms and other social benefit claims forms from the internet. Special payments can be arranged in advance by telephone if you are in urgent need, e.g. you require cash or a payment card top-up.

The attached list contains the telephone numbers and email addresses you can use to contact departments from Monday to Friday.

Contacts for departments

Department 1 – HR, Finance and Organisation (Personal, Finanzen und Organisation)



Email address

Telephone number

Cash and Tax Offices
(Kassen- und Steueramt)


0371 488-2101


Reminders and Enforcement
(Mahnungen und Vollstreckung)

0371 488- 2138 und -2165


Business Tax (Gewerbesteuer)

0371 488-2130


Property Tax / Entertainment Tax (Grundsteuer / Vergnügungsteuer)

0371 488-2228


Department 3 – Legal, Safety and Environmental Protection (Recht, Sicherheit und Umweltschutz)



Email address

Telephone number

Citizens’ Office (Bürgeramt)

Registry Office (Standesamt)

0371 488-3320


Vehicle Registration Office / Driver Licensing Office
(Kfz-Zulassungsbehörde / Fahrerlaubnisbehörde)

0371 488-8343


Foreigners’ Office

0371 488-3371


General Enquiries / Residents’ Registration Office
(Allgemeine Anfragen / Meldebehörde)

0371 488-3377

Public Affairs Office

Public Affairs Office

0371 488-3201



0371 488-3231


Central Fines Office

0371 488-3277

Food Safety and Veterinary Office
(Lebensmittel- überwachungs- und Veterinäramt)

All matters

0371 488-3901

Environment Office (Umweltamt)

Skeleton staff

0371 488-3601


Department 5 – Education, Youth, Social Work, Culture, Sport (Bildung, Jugend, Soziales, Kultur, Sport)



Email address

Telephone number

Social Services

Housing Benefit

0371 488-6477


Federal Family Allowance, State Child Benefit, Chemnitz Pass
(Bundeselterngeld, Landeserziehungsgeld, Chemnitz-Pass)

0371 488-5076


Student Grants (BAföG)

0371 488-5014


Disability Benefit and State Benefit for the Blind
(Feststellung Schwerbehinderung, Landesblindengeld)

0371 488-5055


Community Welfare Services
(Örtliche Betreuungsbehörde)

0371 488-5080


Senior Citizens Welfare Services

0371 488-5555


Institutional Welfare Services, Psychosocial Support Services
(Sozialhilfe in Einrichtungen, psychosoziale Betreuung)

0371 488-5554


Integration Assistance Services

0371 488-5543


Basic Income, Community Care Services, Funeral Expenses 
(Grundsicherung, Pflege außerhalb von Einrichtungen, Bestattungskosten)

0371 488-5589


Education and Participation Package
(Bildung und Teilhabe Paket (BuT))

0371 488-5566


Asylum Seeker Benefit
(Leistung AsylbLG)

0371 488-5518


Emergency Housing Services, Debt Advisory Service, Asylum Case Management
(Wohnungsnotfallhilfe, Schuldnerberatung, Fallmanagement Asyl)

0371 488-5515

Education Department

Student Transport

0371 488-4001

Children’s Services

Daycare facilities, day care

0371 488-5121


Child Protection Services

0371 488-5151


Youth Welfare Services (Jugendhilfe) - General enquiries

0371 488-5111

Sports Department

All matters

0371 488-5201

Health Department

Information service

0371 488-5302

Department of Culture

All matters

0371 488-4101


Department 6 – Urban Development and Construction Department (Stadtentwicklung und Bau)



Email address

Telephone number

Department management

All matters

0371 488-1961

Buildings Management and Construction
(Gebäudemanagement und Hochbau)

All matters

0371 488-1701

Land Registry Office

Property Management and Payments
(Grundstücksverwaltung und Zahlungsverkehr)

0371 488-2301

Urban Planning Office

All matters

0371 488-6101

City Land Surveyor’s Office
(Städtisches Vermessungsamt)

Geo Data Service and Payments (Geodaten und Zahlungsverkehr)

0371 488-6201

Building Permit Office (Baugenehmigungsamt)

All matters

0371 488-6301

Public Works Office

All matters

0371 488-6601

Parks Department (Grünflächenamt)

All matters

0371 488-6701