Economy, Science and Knowledge

Das MERGE-Gebäude an der Reichenhainer Straße.

Smart Systems Campus


Das Start-Up-Gebäude in direkter Uni-Nähe

Economy and science – Chemnitz was and is a city with a flourishing economy and the spirit of invention. 


Science and knowledge

Forschung im Fraunhofer IWU

Today, Chemnitz is once again a competitive centre of technology.


City of Future

What makes a city fit for the future? The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft innovation network “Morgenstadt (City of the Future): City Insights” has been investigating this question since 2012 in collaboration with many partners from cities and industry.


Smart Urban Services

Chemnitz is the city laboratory for the Smart Urban Services research project: a data-based services platform for tomorrow’s urban value creation. Within the framework of the project, sensor infrastructure was set up in the city area during the summer of 2017.