Park Railway Chemnitz

Ehrenamtliche Parkeisenbahner

In the romantic Küchwald Park in the middle of Chemnitz, narrow-gauge railway enthusiasts can discover two railway worlds at the same time.

The small railway first started running in 1954. Today, the little trains travel round a 2.3-kilometre circuit with two stops and one station. Every year, more than 120,000 passengers travel on this attraction on rails, which is mainly operated by children and young people. The trackside attractions include a modern railway depot with a locomotive and engine hall, function rooms, cafe and a large model railway system.


A varied programme of events is organised with great care and attention throughout the year. The programme includes the Chemnitz Balloon Festival, the Fairy Tale Night, the Mascot Meeting and further events during school holidays, for school trips, children’s birthdays and on public holidays.

Railway enthusiasts should not miss the annual railway festival, during which all the park’s rolling stock is used. This includes the locomotive and the carriages as well as further highlights such as the railway Trabant, draisine and the rail moped.