Days of Industrial Culture

Der Smart Systems Campus steht für Innovation und Wissenschaft

For years, Chemnitz has been one of the German cities with the strongest growth. The mid-19th century saw the start of a flourishing development of cultural achievements. Successful citizens gave commissions to artists, architects and designers, thereby making a lasting investment in the city’s attractiveness. Thanks to its consistently strong economy, Chemnitz has succeeded in maintaining, preserving and enhancing its urban landscape throughout all the social upheavals it has experienced.

Traces of Chemnitz’s industrial history can still be found today right across the city: in splendid villas, late-19th-century districts, museums, the Opera House, baths, educational institutions and last but not least in the numerous factory buildings that have now been converted into cultural institutions, restaurants, lofts and offices.

Industrial culture is celebrated in September every year in Chemnitz. On the Days of Industrial Culture, visitors are invited into companies, which open their doors for the popular “late shift”. Small visitors can also get a taste of industrial air together with their kindergarten groups or school classes – there is an “early shift” for them. Of course, there is partying as well – the RAW Festival in the unique setting of a former industrial factory is now a firm fixture on the festival calendar.