Intercultural Weeks

Intercultural Week takes place across the Federal Republic annually around the end of September / start of October, under the same slogan throughout the country.

Die Interkulturellen Wochen werden jährlich durch ein buntes Fest auf dem Neumarkt eröffnet.

In Chemnitz, meanwhile, Intercultural Week has turned into two Intercultural Weeks; the date is aligned with the federal celebrations, but also with the local calendar of events.

Intercultural Week in Chemnitz is aimed at both local residents and residents from other countries: local residents are given the opportunity to experience the interrelated issues connected to immigration and its wider context. Immigrants have the chance to communicate their experiences and to gain a better understanding and wider knowledge of their current environment. The cultural dialogue is lively and seen as a firm element of the city’s culture.

At the start of the year, there is a call for participation in the Intercultural Weeks in order to assemble a diverse and interesting programme. It is only in this way that the Intercultural Weeks can remain a firm fixture of Chemnitz’s city culture. Associations and institutions stage the big opening celebration, which takes the form of an intercultural festival with music, dance and culinary delicacies from across the world.