Film and cinema

Schlingel International Film Festival

The extraordinary, brand-new and diverse productions on show at the SCHLINGEL International Film Festival for children and young audiences have been drawing thousands of young and old filmgoers from Chemnitz and the surrounding area to the CineStar in the Galerie Roter Turm every year since 1996 in the week before the autumn holidays in Saxony. Film crews accompany their productions to the Saxon city and answer the public’s questions after their showings. 

National and international competitions are at the heart of the SCHLINGEL programme, including a focus on different countries each year and non-competitive sections. More than 100 films from countries all around the world are brought to the big screen, with their exciting, empathetic and thought-provoking stories taking their audiences on a journey to distant lands far removed from standard Hollywood clichés. >>more

Clubkino Siegmar

art house cinema

The Clubkino has established itself as an institution in this part of the city and is much more than a place for out-and-out film buffs. Rather, its operator, Chemnitz Film Workshop, sees the cinema first and foremost as a home for those working in the film industry both in Chemnitz and in the surrounding region.

Kino Metropol

art house cinema

A piece of Chemnitz cinematic history on Zwickauer Straße: over 100 years old, this renovated historic auditorium with a balcony shows current films using digital technology. Its programme features Hollywood movies, art house films and documentaries. It also regularly provides a holiday programme.